Packaging & Shipping


Shipping Warehouse

Orders are packed and shipped with diligence and speed. Here’s what you can always expect:


  • All parts supplied are Grade A or new and exactly the same as manufacturing would ship.
  • All keyboards and mice will be in like new condition–no wear at all can show.
  • All batteries will be Grade A or new (can be generic if requested otherwise).



  • If the part(s) requested cannot be returned for any reason, the buyer will be notified of this PRIOR to placing the order.
  • All parts will be individually boxed and labeled with the manufacturer’s part number. Appropriate packing material will be included in the box to ensure adequate protection in shipping.
  • All electronic devices have proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging. ESD materials are plastics that reduce static.
  • Both the packing list and shipping label will reference the customer’s purchase order and part number.
  • If we do not have the EXACT part number requested, we advise the buyer prior to the order being placed.
  • On special orders, customers are notified when parts are non–returnable.