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Getting it right the first time means providing you with the precise part you need, exactly when you need it. No delays…no excuses. In order to provide that level of service, Systech Synergy, Inc. has built a sophisticated infrastructure that includes both our internal team and our vital associates. The following is how our superior service all comes together

Services Support

Our business revolves around building alliances with our vendors and clients. These collaborative relationships help our clients overcome any information technology challenges and allow us to create customized end-to-end solutions for them, without regard to their business size.

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Customer Relations

Systech Synergy’s top priority is to provide unparalleled customer care. Our sales team is comprised of intelligent, courteous and well-trained men and women. These experts have hundreds of hours of product training, making them highly knowledgeable of the products we sell. Our team can assist you with special billing, pricing, shipping and other corporate issues.

Manufacturer Support Networks

Systech Synergy’s associates have access to all major manufacturers support networks. Because of our association with PC manufacturers, we are trained on a number of platforms and product lines. Our excellence in leveraging these relationships has led to some of the deepest buyer discount levels in the distribution channel, which we in turn pass on to our many loyal customers.

Strategic Alliances

Information Technology procurement has evolved from product management to implementing strategic alliances with both manufacturers and distributors. Our industry knowledge, coupled with experience in supporting a wide variety of these organizations, allows us to strategically implement special pricing contractual agreements on our customers’ behalf.

PC Industry Affiliation

Systech Synergy’s technical associates are specific to the hardware and software industry and ensure proper authorizations from Compaq, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Microsoft, Cisco and other major manufacturers.

Procurement Cards

Corporate Cards allow corporations to streamline their low volume purchasing by reducing processing time and paperwork. Procurement cards such as the American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Pro-Cards enable buyers and sellers to manage the corporate purchasing process with greater efficiency. Systech Synergy has the infrastructure in place to set up, support and assist our clients in reducing the cost of procurement for these low volume purchases.

Form of Payments Accepted:
Payment methods Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express