Our customers are talking, and we appreciate what they’re saying about Systech Systems.

Customer Service & Realiability

“I just want to take a second to tell you what a terrific job you do for us here. Your attitude is inspiring and your extremely professional service makes it a pleasure to work with you and your company. Keep up the great work because I know that it is very much appreciated by all of us.” – Michael H., Procurement Specialist

“In my dealings with Systech I have found their customer service and duty of care in providing quality goods at very reasonable prices to be impeccable. Their staff has always shown the utmost courtesy to me and provides a high level of product knowledge. Trust and a professional relationship are two of their very important elements…. and are very evident and worthy of a mention. The bottom line is, Systech will go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed…. something that can be sadly lacking in other organizations.” – Tony B.

“Systech has been a great addition to our list of vendors. The Systech Synergy team is always on top of our orders, very quick to reply with price quotes, shipping is fast and reliable. Never had an issue with the parts that we have ordered and they are always willing and able to go the extra mile for us.” – Chad G. Testimonials-2

“I remain a loyal customer (over 18 years now) because Systech Synergy goes the extra mile. Systech does business the way it should be done – with CUSTOMER SERVICE being their #1 PRIORITY. For my mission critical needs, I have even been able to source parts for SAME DAY delivery. Satisfaction is guaranteed.” – T.H.

“I wanted to thank the Systech Synergy rep for her excellent service she has provided me over the last 18 plus years. You have always gone the extra mile for me; you have always made me feel like I am your number 1 customer. Your customer service is without compare, and I have been buying service parts for well over 20 years. Systech Synergy has always given me the best possible price and, bar none, the highest quality of parts. Even when I have needed a part delivered on the same day you have been able to help. I look forward to many more years of doing business together.” – Jim M.

Hard to Find Parts

Computers lying around

“We have been dealing with Systech Synergy going on four years now. Systech Synergy has helped my company out by saving my customers money with the great pricing that we receive. They are very willing to go out and search for the hard-to-find and sometimes very out-of-date parts that my customers are looking for. I would recommend Systech Synergy if you are looking for a company who will work very hard for you and treat you like family.” – Logistics Supervisor

“Since bringing Systech Synergy on board as one of our go-to vendors, we have experienced nothing short of professional quality and expedient support. Our rep has treated us as her number one client. She has been able to source hard-to-find parts that our other vendors gave up on. They are now part of our business and we look forward to many years together as partners.” – Rob N.